In the spotlight: C21 Umpire Catamaran with Photographer Platform

This brand new catamaran model is the queen of its predecessors designed to carry a photographer in front of the cockpit on its platform.

This model is built on the 6.1 metre floating hulls of the NEW C20 model and the shorter cockpit of the C15 to give the required space for the photographer platform. The placement of the cockpit has been changed to provide optimal balance for the 3 persons load. An optional low profile seat can be placed on the platform if required.

C21 Umpire Catamaran with Photographer Platform

Unit price

€ 5100

All prices quoted here are exclusive of VAT. For customers without an EU tax number we have to add 27% VAT to these prices. You can find all our net and gross prices and set up a draft order on our Pricelist page.


Overall Length
6.10 m
Overall Width
2.05 m
Overall Height
1.60 m
Net Weight (without outboard engine)
200 kg
Maximum Applicable Power
31.5 kW (40 HP)
Maximum Load
3 persons

Basic Accessories

  • 2 seats (driver and umpire)
  • Polycarbonate (LEXAN) windshield
  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Steering wheel (TELEFLEX)
  • Accumulator holder
  • Flag and document holders for umpire

Optional Accessories

  • Additional photographer seat: € 75
  • Bimini Top: € 225
  • Canvas cover for storage: € 175
  • Public road trailer without brake: € 1350

Optional Outboard Motors

The C21 catamaran can be equipped with up to max. 22,1 kW / 30 HP outboard motor. For this model the long shaft (508 mm) motor is perfect. We deliver the catamarans with engines fully assembled and ready for use. All engines are supplied with electric start, remote control, power trim and battery. We recommend these outboard motors for the C21...

  • Yamaha F30 BETL - 30HP four stroke: € 4700
  • Honda BF30 LRTU - 30HP four stroke: € 5450
  • Yamaha F25 GES - 25HP four stroke: € 4100
  • Yamaha F20 BES - 20HP four stroke: € 3350
  • Honda BF20 SRU - 20HP four stroke: € 3450

Standard Colours

  • RAL 9010 white
  • RAL 3020 red
  • RAL 1023 yellow
  • RAL 5017 blue

If you prefer some other colour please don't hesitate to contact us.


Acceleration / speed diagram:

Speed / Acceleration Diagram

The measurement was made on the Danube downstream. The flowing speed at this location of the Danube is 5 km/h. At the beginning of the measurement the catamaran slowed down and drifted with the water.

The measurement was made using a commercial low pitch propeller. Using a high pitch propeller can further increase the top speed depending the power of the engine.

C21 Umpire Catamaran with Photographer Platform 

C21  Photographer Platform detail 

C21 interior detail

Video shoot taken from the prototype