C15 Trainer Catamaran

Our C15 catamaran is the lightweight sister of the C20 Umpire / Referee catamaran model. It has been developed for trainers looking for a stable, quick although economic and easily steered motor-boat which doesn't disturb the trainees with side waves.

It has a similar design to the C20 but with a slightly shorter cockpit and hulls. As a result you get a light, small but agile catamaran.

The C15 can be equipped with up to 15 kW (20 HP) outboard-motors, but can be also used with 4-5 HP electrical outboard-motor on the protected waters of nature. The maximum speed can be 15-20 km/h with these small e-engines. The catamaran is made with the newest technologies and materials. With its small weight it generates minimal side waves, and high stability. Due to its low drag it can be operated very economically and environmentally friendly.

The C15 Trainer Catamaran and C20 Umpire Catamarans are the essential boats for trainers and coaches during training and races.

C15 Trainer Catamaran

C15 Trainer Catamaran

Unit price

€ 4250

All prices quoted here are exclusive of VAT. For customers without an EU tax number we have to add 27% VAT to these prices. You can find all our net and gross prices and set up a draft order on our Pricelist page.


Overall Length
5.00 m
Overall Width
1.90 m
Overall Height
1.60 m
Net Weight (without outboard motor)
160 kg
Maximum Applicable Power
15 kW (20 HP)
Maximum Load
2 persons

Basic Accessories

  • 2 seats
  • Polycarbonate (LEXAN) windshield
  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Steering wheel (TELEFLEX)
  • Accumulator holder
  • Flag and document holders for umpire

Optional Accessories

  • Travelling canvas: € 625
  • Bimini Top: € 225
  • Canvas cover for storage: € 165
  • Public road trailer without brake: € 1350

Optional Outboard Motors

The C15 catamaran can be equipped with up to max. 15 kW / 20 HP outboard motor. For this type the normal length (381mm) motor is perfect. We deliver the catamarans with engines fully assembled and ready for use. All engines are supplied with electric start, remote control, power trim and battery. We recommend these outboard motors for the C15...

  • Yamaha F20 BES - 20HP four stroke: € 3350
  • Honda BF20 SRU - 20HP four stroke: € 3450
  • Yamaha F15 CES - 15HP four stroke: € 3300
  • Honda BF15 SRU - 15HP four stroke: € 3250

Standard Colours

  • RAL 9010 white
  • RAL 3020 red
  • RAL 1023 yellow
  • RAL 5017 blue

If you prefer some other colour please don't hesitate to contact us.


This catamaran is specially usable for trainers.

The change in the main dimensions resulted in better manoeuvering capability, easier storing and transfer. At the same time the required outboard motor power is also decreased. A feature of this new type of catamaran is that it can easily turn around in the same place without moving if you apply small amount of gas.

The mounting of the outboard motor is on a middle hull which makes it able to make optimal use of either the normal or the long shaft type of outboard motors. As a result also the utilisation of the thrust and the manoeuvering capability are optimal. Also, any resulting side waves are mainly cancelling each other out by interference.

The catamaran can be taken apart into 4 pieces for transporting or storing. The proper fixing is done with stainless steel screws. For re-assembly you need only a wrench with some silicone filler and approximately 20 minutes.

We have equipped the catamaran with new type of comfortable seats. It is built with a right steering wheel but we can also make it with a left sided steering wheel on request. As the cockpit has closed side walls the catamaran can float on the water even if both hulls are filled with water, of course the hulls have 4 separated air boxes each for maximum safety. To sink the catamaran it has to be loaded with approximately 900 kg.

C15 Catamaran on trailer with canvas cover

C15 Catamaran with travelling canvas

C15 Catamaran Cockpit