C21This brand new catamaran model is the queen of its predecessors designed to carry a photographer in front of the cockpit on its platform.

This model is built on the 6.1 metre floating hulls of the NEW C20 model and the shorter cockpit of the C15 to give the required space for the photographer platform. The placement of the cockpit has been changed to provide optimal balance for the 3 persons load. An optional low profile seat can be placed on the platform if required.

Unit price: € 5100

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Our new Umpire / Referee Catamaran model, the NEW C20 is the redesigned version of the original C20 model sold in approximately 200 pieces across Europe. The basis of the development was the experience of the last 10 years and the valuable feedback from our users.

The new model includes all the good characteristics of the original but with additional design and technological modifications which not only improve the quality, ergonomics and aesthetics, but also boost the maneouvering capability.

Unit price: € 4650

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Our C15 catamaran is the lightweight sister of the NEW C20 Umpire / Referee Catamaran model. It has been developed for trainers looking for a stable, quick although economic and easily steered motor-boat which doesn't disturb the trainees with side waves.

It has a similar design to the bigger C20 but with a slightly shorter cockpit and hulls. As a result you get a light, small but agile catamaran.

Unit price: € 4250

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